Our Partners


One Degree forward

Tim Ellison and his nonprofit One Degree Forward have been a long-term partner to Sala Monkey. They have been one of our most generous partners - donating a laptop, considerable school supplies, iPads, and they donated our first set of classrooms (Kindergarten building). We could not be more grateful for their generous support of our program. ODF not only supports Sala Monkey, they also support other rural schools, orphans in private primary and university education and supporting housing, water and restroom construction in poor rural areas.

Tim and ODF are based in Maui, Hawaii.



Mr. Jo yahich

We are grateful to have the support of our main education partner, Mr. Jo Yahich from Belgium. Jo has been such a gracious and generous education partner in helping us to purchase the land and donating additional funding for construction and school operations along with his friends and family. 



mad monkey hostels

Mad Monkey Hostels are a wildly popular hostel chain! Based here in Cambodia and in some of the most stunning locations on the planet, they’re not only a successful business, they take social good to a whole new level. They support many education programs in Cambodia including Sala Monkey and they have supported hundreds of fresh water wells for poor rural communities.

They spearheaded a tuk tuk fundraiser along with their partner hostelworld.com who donated our first tuk tuk along with a fresh water well and general funding for our school programs. Thank you to Steve Vaile and Team Mad Monkey for being a stellar example of a socially responsible business.


S E W - Support Education worldwide

Our newest education partner is S E W. Their misssion…”We support grassroots educators in countries and communities where women and girls have historically been prevented from accessing education & equal opportunities. ” We are so thankful for their mission to support girls’ education in Cambodia and Pakistan! Most recently they donated the funds for us to replace our power lines.


H&H Auto parts

It was through some unfortunate circumstances that we first became education partners. H&H Auto Parts is a family business and we came to know each other when fellow American expat and volunteer teacher at the trade school here in Kep, Teacher Neil became ill and although under unfortunate circumstances, I had the good fortune of meeting Neil’s family. Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a caring family, willing to do whatever it takes for their loved ones. We gave a little help to Neil and his family gave us a lot of help by making a $5,000 donation to support the school. Thank you so much, we’re so happy Teacher Neil is on the mend. You are truly one of a kind!