Our Curriculum

We are striving to offer a wide range of core curriculum subjects and an assortment of extra curricular activities for our students…Competitive football, swimming instruction, yoga, music lessons, cultural dance, and much more…



Our students are taught an English language program based on the foundation of the Singapore National Primary curriculum and syllabus. We have found the Singapore program to be a good fit for our ESL learners. English has become the official language in Singapore, yet Singaporean households have generally retained the use of dual languages (mother tongue and English) within their homes. If Cambodia hopes to compete with other countries on a global level, our students will need to reach the same level of English level fluency that is used daily.


We are currently working on funding our library and computer center. Technology is a crucial area where we as a country need to make progress.

Science and Environment

We have recently partnered with the Marine Conservation Cambodia NGO based on the Koh Seh Island near Kep. Our goal in partnering with MCC is to give our students hands on knowledge of environmental issues facing our local community and allow them to find creative sustainable solutions to protect our marine life.


We believe in teaching Singapore math. Mastery not memorization. Teaching numeracy that results in a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.