We're happy to announce that Home CEO Academy has donated both of their extensive preschool programs to Sala Monkey Primary School for use with our Singapore NEL kindergarten program.  



Our kindergarten program has been designed under the guidelines of Singapore's "Nurturing Early Learners" program with the addition of the Home CEO Academy curriculum and resources including a focus on Montessori Practical Life skills. Want to learn more? Follow our blog. 

Did you know? Home CEO Academy donates 100% of their profits to charity.

The Sala Monkey primary education program is based on the Singapore National Primary Curriculum. 

Primary Curriculum (grades 1-6)

Our primary program has been developed around the Singapore Ministry of Education’s National Primary Curriculum.

1.       English Language Arts

2.       Mathematics

3.       Science and Health

4.       Citizenship

5.       Sport

6.       Art


Language and Literacy