Whether it’s school supplies, food, medical care, a new tuk tuk, paying our teachers, giving a bicycle, school uniforms, building a new school, kids helping kids or coming to volunteer, we could not do it without your support and generosity. Akhoun Chhran (thank you very much). View our friends list.


Thank you to Mad Monkey Hostels and HOSTELWORLD.com for generously supporting our tuk tuk.

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We can always use money. Our mission is to provide (not only) quality formal education, but a better way of life for our students and their families. Our children live in the depths of widespread poverty. We provide quality formal education along with medical care, food, water, clothing, medical care, transportation and much more.  Donate.


We are looking to implement a more extensive volunteer program in the near future. Currently, we are taking volunteers on a limited basis as we transition to our new school. Please message us for further details.

We can always use volunteers who can work remotely in their home countries. We can use help with fundraising or completing administrative tasks - sending emails, assistance with project coordination, updating our social media and much more.


We have a definite need for items such as school supplies, clothing, footwear, school and sports equipment, etc., However, please note that the transit fees for shipping to Cambodia are often extremely costly. Far exceeding the cost of the items being shipped and often not making it to their final destination. If you're traveling to Cambodia and would like to visit us to donate supplies, that's usually the best way to go. As mentioned previously, money is always welcome and you can include a note with your donation if you would like it to be used for purchasing particular items.