Current Campaign

We’re building a library!


Our dream school is getting a library and computer learning center!

We will start construction of our library and computer center during the first week of May 2019.

We received a very generous $25,000 donation from our education partner, Mr. Jo Yahich to kick things off. The total estimated cost of the library and computer center will run approximately $40,000 including completion of the building, furniture, computers, book supply, interactive whiteboard, video screen for conferencing, various other library resources, school librarian salary and more.

Books! Books! Books!

We will stock our library with as many books as possible in both Khmer and English language print. We’re currently working to solicit literary donations of new books relevant to our primary school learners and community at large. Our library will be the first public library facility within the coastal Province of Kep and only a handful of libraries within the country of Cambodia.

We are very excited to not only provide tuition-free education to our students, but now a new modern library and computer learning center.

If you know the history of Cambodia and the brutal genocide that took place at the hands of the Khmer Rouge from 1975-1979, you will know that the education system was completely destroyed and the educated were forced to escape the country or face imminent death.

This library facility is more than just a library. It is dedicated to all of our Cambodian citizens and family members who never had the opportunity to realize their hopes and dreams.

The Cambodian education system is still in a state of flux and rebuilding and we are very proud to build our library amongst the farms and rice fields of Kep. Providing resources to many people who otherwise would not have access to books or the internet.

Help Us Build!

Every contribution that we receive will help us to build this incredible facility. Our donors will have a sense of pride knowing they are contributing directly to improving literacy rates within our community and to have a direct hand in rebuilding the education that was lost.

Upon completion of the library facility, we will recognize each of our donors during a special dedication ceremony with a permanent record of your generosity.


Pictured: Krabi International School - Science Building. The design inspiration for our new library and computer center.