Sala Monkey Primary School is indeed a non government organization, but we do not consider ourselves to be an NGO in the true sense of the word. We are funded solely through a combination of crowdfunding, private donors and our own social enterprises.

"Essentially, we are a private school offering free, yet exceptional education in a modern learning environment within a rural setting."

Sala Monkey was founded in 2013 by our students (with a little help from their teacher).

Note from Teacher Tracy: 

When I arrived in Cambodia from the U.S. in December of 2012, my original plan was to find a teaching position at a private school in Phnom Penh earning a comfortable salary. Long story short, I ended up traveling to Kep where I met a good friend who convinced me to volunteer at the local secondary school. A year and a half later, I found myself looking for an inexpensive house to rent and stumbled upon a tiny all but abandoned house in the rural countryside. Convinced that I couldn't possibly live in this tiny dilapidated house, I met several excited children and their families who convinced me otherwise.  The local families had a single request of teach the children English.


And so it began with the help of some very excited children that we set out to clean up this little home and create a small village school. Fast forward, three years later and through the generosity of countless people, we have since raised the money to start building our "Dream Big School."  

Our Academic Philosophy

Our academic program has been developed around the Singapore Ministry of Education's Kindergarten and Primary education curriculum and syllabus along with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport's Khmer language program. 

The Sala Monkey Primary syllabus includes study in English Language Arts, Mathematics (English), Science (English), Health (English), Art (English), Sport, Khmer Language and Mathematics. 


Who Are Your Students?

Our students come from within our local village and the surrounding villages and communes here in Kep. The majority of children continue to live in generational rural poverty while a small percentage of our students live slightly above that.  

Do Your Students Attend Sala Monkey Primary School Exclusively?

The majority of our students attend Cambodian state school along with attending Sala Monkey.

We are strong advocates for the children continuing their public school education and we often counsel the families on the importance of the children staying enrolled or re-enrolling in public school in order to continue their Khmer education. In fact, we often assist the families with financial issues that generally impact their ability to purchase uniforms, books and school supplies for their children.

The students attend public school for half-a-day and the spend the other half of their day receiving an education here at Sala Monkey. Currently, our program covers Kindergarten 1 and 2 through Primary grade 4.  Our goal for 2017 is to continue building in order to complete the second primary classroom building which will allow us to extend our primary program through grade 6.

Our goal within the next two years is to offer full-time education once our school campus construction is complete. 

What Is Your Mission?

Our mission is to provide tuition-free formal education to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to receive a high quality education. Our goal is to elevate the state of education in Cambodia and plant the seed of what is possible!  Exposing the students to a wide variety of future career opportunities beyond hospitality and tourism. Our students are the future of Cambodia and they will help to elevate not only their own families, but society as a whole through the study of art, computer technology, science, engineering, and more... 


Meet Our Staff

Tracy Stettler - Founder - School Director - Primary Education Teacher, Grades 1-4