Kanhchana - Kindergarten 1 - Yearly Academic Scholarship (SPONSORED)

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Kanhchana - Kindergarten 1 - Yearly Academic Scholarship (SPONSORED)


Thank you so much for investing in Chana's education and future! 

About Kanhchana:

What can we say about Chana? Well, she loves attending kindergarten here at Sala Monkey, she's rather serious most of the time with a hint of mischievousness and she's been known to lose her shoes 4 out of the 5 days she attends school each week. She certainly loves attending kindergarten! 

Disclaimer: If you sponsor Chana, we might need to include replacement shoes in her uniform budget. 


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What does the $240 academic yearly scholarship include? 

· School fees including enrollment, helping to fund teacher's salaries, teacher development, and administration. $50

· School uniform including 3 tops and 2 bottoms. $25

· Student's school supplies. $25

· Transportation including gas, maintenance, and driver 5 days per week R/T to and from school.  $20

· Organized sport participation including uniform/shoes student participation in league sport w/ other local schools. $20

· Health checkups including medical and dental check-ups and emergency care. Check-ups are arranged through Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital per school semester. $25

· Daily school nutrition program including meal, snack, and vitamin for one year.  $55

Including tracking the health of each student at the beginning of the school term in order to see their progress in meeting height/weight goals and combating stunted growth. 

· Extracurricular activities. Local field trips to enhance our project based learning. $25