Rosa - Kindergarten 2 - Yearly Academic Scholarship (SPONSORED)

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Rosa - Kindergarten 2 - Yearly Academic Scholarship (SPONSORED)


Thank you so much for investing in Rosa's education and future! 

Some facts about Rosa:

Do you know how much Rosa's classmates like her? A whole lot! They decided we should name our school dog, Rosa. So we did. Yup. True story. Rosa enjoys coming to study at Sala Monkey and she loves learning new songs and to practice her writing. And we love having Rosa as a student in our K2 class!


Pay Full Academic Scholarship

What does the $240 academic yearly scholarship include? 

· School fees including enrollment, helping to fund teacher's salaries, teacher development, and administration. $50

· School uniform including 3 tops and 2 bottoms. $25

· Student's school supplies. $25

· Transportation including gas, maintenance, and driver 5 days per week R/T to and from school.  $20

· Organized sport participation including uniform/shoes student participation in league sport w/ other local schools. $20

· Health checkups including medical and dental check-ups and emergency care. Check-ups are arranged through Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital per school semester. $25

· Daily school nutrition program including meal, snack, and vitamin for one year.  $55

Including tracking the health of each student at the beginning of the school term in order to see their progress in meeting height/weight goals and combating stunted growth. 

· Extracurricular activities. Local field trips to enhance our project based learning. $25